Monday, May 04, 2009


Proposta pro convite de noivado do Batata (amigo de faculdade). Bom futuro aos

Picture for Batata's
engajement invitation (Batata is one of my best friends from universite). Good future for the happy couple. rs


Manu said...

Casamento, noivado... Tá ficando perigoso ser amigo seu, hein? hehehe.

Wedding, engajement...It's kinda dangerous being a friend of yours, uh? (Malicious laughing)

Com você tudo tem tecla sap agora... kkkk (No translation, sorry)

Manu said...

Hi, there Cupid!
Your blog's map seems like our War games. You are the black one, all over the world. I'm the red one, just in portuguese-speaking coutries, well, at least Brazil and Portugal... huaahuaha

I don't know if a "SAP way of blogging" would work for me. Did you see my last post? In English, it would be impossible. However, it's something to think about. Instead of Traversura... "Trickidding"? =P (Nem sei se esse trocadilho funcionaria... kkkkk)

Luv ya, you nojentinho... hauhauhau

Nara Boechat said...

Adorei o blog, Gustavo! Entrará nos meus favoritos!